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Ear, Nose and Throat

Ear, nose and throat issues can reduce your quality of life. At ENT Carolina, we offer state of the art treatments and surgery for a wide variety of ENT conditions.

General ENT (ear, nose, and throat) or otolaryngology, treats all disorders and conditions relating to the head and neck. These conditions can be extremely uncomfortable for patients and complex to diagnose and treat. We are here to help.


Allergies can cause many common ear, nose, and throat symptoms. Our doctors offer state-of-the-art diagnosed treatment options for allergy sufferers.

Seasonal and nonseasonal allergens can trigger allergic rhinitis. Sneezing, nasal drainage, nasal congestion, facial itching, coughing, sore throat, and excessive fatigue are all commoon syptoms that have an impact on your qualiy of life. ENT Carolina uses advanced medical treatments to control allergy symptoms quickly and effectively, including in office allergy skin testing as well as allergy immutherapy.


Snoring is a condition that affects 45% of normal adults and can be a signal that something is wrong with your breathing during sleep.

Snoring might be bothersome to others, but it can also indicate a more serious health condition. Do you or a loved one have a snoring concern?

Audiology & Hearing Aids

Hearing loss significantly affects you and those around you. ENT Carolina offers specialized audiology services and patient focused care.

At ENT Carolina, our audiologists and clinical support staff genuinely care about your hearing. We offer a full range of hearing tests and hearing aids using state of the art audiology tools. Togehter, we will determine an accurate diagnosis and create a personalized action plan tailored to your needs. Have you noticed a change in your hearing or have you experienced hearing loss? Our certified audiology specialists can help.

Pediatric ENT

Pediatric ear, nose, and throat issues can reduce your child’s quality of life. We offer compassionate care with state-of-the-art treatment options and surgery for a wide variety of ENT conditions.

Our pediatric ENT specialists treat all disorders and conditions relating to your child’s head and neck. These conditions can be extremely uncomfortable for children and complex to diagnose and treat.

Sinus Surgery

The goal of sinus surgery is to open your sinus passages and clear any obstructions.

Do you suffer from blocked sinuses due to recurrent sinus infections, abnormal sinus structures, or abnormal growths in your sinus or nasal cavity? We offer several surgical procedures to help nasal blockages and improve your breathing.

Voice & Swallowing

ENT Carolina offers state of the art diagnostic tools and treatment options for all voice and swallowing related disorders. Voice and swallowing problems can originate from something as simple as a virus or as complex as cancer.

We offer comprehensive care for disorders of the larynx, voice and swallowing. Are you worried about an issue with your voice? Learn more about voice and swallowing treatment

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They are working SO GREAT I am in fear they will not always work this good! With my old ones it was always a wonder in the morning if they would come on correctly - especially the left one. Seriously I am truly amazed at how the new ones work.

Robert Blake, MD, Gastonia NC New Hearing Aids

I work in customer service and couldn't hear my customers. I had to keep asking them to repeat themselves. Now I don't have that problem. And I can hear at the movies and don't have to ask for clarification of the dialogue. I can even hear people behind me!

J. Lynch New Hearing Aids


ENT Carolina

ENT Carolina is a specialty group practice with multiple locations in the greater Charlotte area.

Our providers are otolaryngologists (i.e., ear, nose and throat physicians and surgeons) and audiologists who evaluate and treat hearing loss, tinnitus, and dizziness affecting both children and adults. As a specialty practice, we have the training, experience and tools to make the right diagnosis and offer the most effective treatment.

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Walk-in Clinics

At ENT Carolina we offer the convenience of our walk-in clinic at our Gastonia, Shelby, and Belmont office locations. No appointment or referral is needed.

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