Vocal cord nodules and polyps are benign growths that can alter how your voice sounds. Learn more about these conditions and treatment options at ENT Carolina.

Both vocal cord nodules and vocal cord polyps are types of benign lesions that grow on the folds of the vocal cords, causing hoarseness and voice changes.

Vocal cord nodules, or singer's nodules, are abnormal masses of tissue generally caused by repetitive overuse. These growths are callous-like and often develop in pairs.

Vocal cord polyps are slightly different because they are more vascular and can occur on either one or both vocal cords. Polyps also vary in size and are often larger than nodules.

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Vocal Cord Nodules

Nodules can occur in children and adults. They are typically caused by voice overuse.

The most common professions that put individuals at risk for developing vocal cord nodules include singers, teachers, public speakers, politicians, and military drill instructors.

Vocal Cord Nodule Causes

Nodules are caused by strenuous or abusive voice practices, such a repetitive:

  • Yelling
  • Coughing
  • Singing
  • Talking Loudly

Vocal Cord Nodule Treatment

Although vocal cord nodules alter a patient's voice, they are not malignant and do not result in negative health consequences. Treatment consist of:

  • Vocal rehabilitation -- vocal training, speech therapy, vocal rest, etc.
  • Vocal hygiene -- increased water intake, decreasing caffeine, and, sometimes, anti-reflux medicine

In some cases, surgery may be required. Fortunately , removing vocal cord nodules is a relatively safe and minor procedure.

Vocal Cord Polyps

Polyps appear as a swelling or bump, a stalk-like growth, or a blister-like lesion. Like nodules, polyps result from trauma caused by repetitive overuse; however, polyps can also arise from a single episode of vocal cord hemorrhage.

Vocal Cord Polyp Symptoms

  • Vocal fatigue
  • Hoarseness
  • Breathiness

Vocal Cord Polyp Causes

  • Vocal abuse
  • Smoking

Vocal Cord Polyp Treatment

In most cases, surgery is required; however, removing vocal cord polyps is a relatively safe and minor procedure.